Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lilliana Braico News

Not many would have made such an unprecedented move to the industrial neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles from the serene beauty of Carmel California or the idyllic island of Capri, Italy where artist Lilliana Braico at one time shared a studio with her painter husband, the late Leo Braico. She is among those residents who settled and are bringing to life what was once the industrial hub and home to much of LA's homeless to what has now become known as the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles.

For the past 20 years she had maintained her gallery, the Lilliana Braico Gallery, in Carmel, Ca. She initially came to Los Angeles just to visit and was impressed enough with the creative energy of the community to make a quite spontaneous decision to pull up stakes and move into a loft here. The Arts District also borders "Little Tokyo" and in recent years her work became immensely popular in Japan. Braico has sold over 500 original paintings through one woman shows at Mutsukoshi and Shikigaro galleries there.

Those works however, were the paintings of Capri landscapes or the vivid florals that she was known for. It is this representational painting that she was wanting to move away from and the move to downtown LA however impulsive, has had its effect on her painting. Since coming here she has completed dozens of large canvases of bold abstracts that pay homage to the city skyline looming over the post industrial neighborhood where she currently lives.

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